aeiou communication

Cultural sphere

aeiou provides graphic services to museums, foundations and galleries that communicate their support and dedication to varied forms of the arts and historic culture.

aeiou creates documents that perform both in digital environments and in traditional contexts.

Visual identity and support

> visual identity guidelines for cultural institutions/exhibitions
> programs by trimester, semester, season
> tickets and plastic cards
> pamphlets, flyers, and posters
> catalogs
> packaging such as display boxes, dvd labels, instructions
> tee-shirts, tote bags, calendars, etc.
> custom-made invitations cards, announcements, envelopes
> monographs and limited edition printed objects
> installation graphics

Web design

> websites with database access, downloadable documents for press releases, protected pdf files and online purchasing
> web advertising in the form of banners, buttons, logos, icons


> space and narrative planning/exhibition design
> exhibit banners
> display graphics and captions
> display case design
> interactive audiovisual presentations with animated graphics and video sequences
> interior/exterior signage
> exterior advertising on canvas
> urban equipment/furniture